Spotlight on : back on the three days of Omnivore

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3 days of Omnivore 3 Qwehli products

It’s 15 years that Luc Dubanchet has stuck to his promise with a festival that excites the tastebuds.
The elite accompanied by young rising stars, have put together a show featuring the many different savoury creations of Fusion cuisine.

An extravaganza of taste and flavours for the 10,000 visitors who streamed through the doors of the World Food Festival last March.



For those three days, three Chefs did us the honour of enhancing our products to perfection !

Great thanks to Chefs Alexandre Mazzia and William Ledeuil, and their crews, who took up the challenge of putting a new twist on our Gambero Rosso.
Hats off to 3-star Chef Pascal Barbot for his magnificent enhancement, as always, of our Antarctic Cod and for saying loud and clear that he had chosen our revolutionary preservation technique.