Sarah Truong Qui

“Extaordinary products in optimal conditions”

Qwehli® Sardines, lime, lemongrass and rau ram.

Pascal Barbot

“Our common thread, a high-quality product, with no exception”

Qwehli® Carabineros with satay.

Fernando Arevalo

“the “white gold” patagonian toothfish really is my best-seller”

Qwehli® Patagonian Toothfish purple cauliflower, olive oil and spicy broth

Chris Salans

“I am simply delighted to work products of such quality in Bali”

 Qwehli ® Monkfish, corn threesome and Bali suna cekuh

Raynald Boucaut

Le piment bleu, Le Cateau Cambresi

Butterfly sardines Qwehli®

Guillaume Mallet

L’étage, Lyon

 Qwehli® marinated Carabineros medaillion, a pinch of caviar Baeri

Grégoire Berger

Ossiano, Dubaï

“Qwehli is the paragon of respect and quality of the products”

Qwehli® Patagonian Toothfish, green peas puree, yuzu sauce, salsa and crispy potatoes

Romain Fabre

Supperclub KL, Kuala Lumpur

“I love Qwehli products because their texture is kept intact”

 Qwehli® Turbot “à la grenobloise”,courgettes risotto , onions puree, sepia ink and truffle

Pétrous Moldovan

Cocotte, Hong Kong

“Choosing Qwehli is better than choosing an insurance,it means impeccable products 100% guaranteed”

Pan seared filet of Qwehli® Jonh Dory, black barley risotto, roasted heirloom cherry tomatoes, braised fennel and green asparagus jus with parmesan

Emilien Rouable


“The best quality of prawns on the market ! “

 Qwehli® Patagonian Toothfish gravlax, vodka, pistachio oil, raspberries and agastache