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Tell us everything !

Inspired by my grandmother’s cuisine since my childhood, I naturally orientated myself towards gastronomy. I followed a formal training of which I was graduated in 1986.

Then, I realised an initiatory journey in Michelin-star restaurants which I have kept excellent memories. For ten years, I was chef in a restaurant that was not starred. The challenge was different! It was a completely different story. The first idea was to build and manage a team, which I had never done before.

Afterwards, 14 years ago, we had the project to open our own restaurant with my wife, paying homage to our two respective grandfathers; Henri and Joseph. For 12 years, we have proudly kept our star.
Today, a new opportunity comes my way. It is with this in mind that I serenely hand over the reins to Julien Corderoch who renamed the restaurant « Louise. »¹, also in tribute of his great-grandmother.



How would you describe your cuisine ?

A cuisine based on the respect of products of course. I have a real interest in working with small producers. My cooking was always orientated towards tradition while revisited with a certain degree of modernism. I wish my dishes are both gourmet and surprising.


What is your best gastronomic meeting ?

3 years at the Louis XV restaurant, meeting and working alongside Alain Ducasse, it left a mark !



One of your favorite chef ?

Pascal Barbot, I was very thrilled by its cuisine and sensitivity.



What is the place of wine in gastronomy for you ?

Very important. Going to the restaurant and drink water with refined cuisine is a bit tough… but serve with good wine* with the advices of a sommelier to find the perfect blend, it’s magic !





What do you think about the “New Fresh” concept ?

It’s obvious today! There is a sentence in the kitchen that says: Nothing is thrown, everything is transformed. We are constantly called to order and a real awareness moves into action. In that way, Qwehli’s approach and the “new fresh” represent a genuine gastronomic interest.



Your meeting with Qwehli ?

Through a very good friend, Xavier Pensec, Chef of the Japanese restaurant Hinoki³ who made me taste a sushi with Qwehli salmon. It’s a product I didn’t cook at that time. When I tried it, I virtually found myself in childhood! I had the sensation of chewing a piece of my youth by the river and it was then that he explained to me your revolutionary conservation method.



If you were a seafood product ?

A mermaid man ! [laught]




Chef Philippe Le Lay reveals its secret to sublimate our Qwehli® Carabineros. Check the “Qwehli® Carabineros symply roasted, early asparagus, ravioli with herbs and lemon confit.”

Recipe on this link.







¹ Restaurant Louise. – 4, rue Léo-le-Bourgo 56100 Lorient  – Page Facebook
² The abuse of alcohol can harm your health, consume in moderation.
³ Restaurant Hinoki – 6 rue des 11 Martyrs 29200 Brest –