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fish farming is the future

Let’s start by setting the scene. Global fish consumption can no longer grow significantly without resorting to fish farming. Today half of all fish on the market is farmed.
Long left to its own devices, fish farming is now considered a “strategic priority” in France.

The most urgent needs? Selecting the fish species with the highest resistance to pathogens in order to eliminate the need to use antibiotics, once and for all.
But current research is going very much further! Today it is notably looking at how to reduce the quantity of food containing fish oils and fishmeal and to select the species best-adapted to a diet based on microalgae and insect meal.
With the same target of limiting environmental impacts, innovative recycled-water systems and aquaponics are currently being experimented. These systems enable an intrinsic reduction in the quantity of new water required, or for the used water to be repurposed, such as for irrigating crops. Today, certain fish farms are using 2 to 3m3 of water instead of the initial 50m3.
Innovation continues to advance towards ever-greener fish farming and the widespread diffusion of good practice is underway!