We’re off to meet : Jean Besnard, Fishmonger

Fishmongering is a Besnard-family tradition that stretches back many generations. Jean, who heads up the company Moulin Lorient Marée, has swum in this environment since early childhood.



Tell us all about it!

We buy seafood fresh off the boats, which we then process and sell to our customers.
It takes a keen nose to do it right: to select high-quality products, at the right quantity, and at the right price.
Our daily routine consists of auctions, sales, order-taking, production, filleting, logistics, and shipping. It takes a careful mix of bargaining, production and logistics on a daily basis.


At Qwehli, we have a long history of…

«Talking». This means getting to know each other, understanding everyone’s particular objectives and problems, to adapt together, and to do our best to serve our customer Chefs.
From Day-1, we work together as genuine partners, on the feasibility and potential of each product. We tailor our artisanal expertise to our Chefs’ requirements. To be able to offer the most perfect product possible, we adjust cuts, portions, scrapings,… to whatever the Chef wants.

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Moulin Marée website : www.moulinmaree.com