Seafood, environment …

Why choose ?

All too often we hear “If I buy frozen then I don’t feel I’m doing my job properly as a Chef”.
But we can never repeat often enough that when you buy Qwehli® you are not simply buying “frozen”.

And Chefs are beginning to understand, because every day more and more of them are happy to put their faith in us. We are here to make your life simpler and to reconcile you with seafood. You no longer have to choose between your desire to serve fish and your commitment to the environment.

Buying really “sustainable” fish today is virtually mission impossible. This is our experience each day here at Qwehli in our work to select the best product, fished in the right place and at the right moment.  In order to preserve it in the best possible way we use CAS Fresh®, our in-house technique that enables us to stop the clock so that you can exercise your art with complete safety and sustainability.

Traceability and food safety are all part and parcel of our daily life. The authorities have recently confirmed their position concerning the directives to be respected regarding raw fish. It must be frozen before being eaten in order to avoid any risk of parasite contamination. Our Qwehli® products can all be eaten raw; in addition they retain all their nutritional and organoleptic qualities (flavour, texture, etc) a result you could never obtain with in-house freezing.
You can choose sustainability and safety, by choosing Qwehli®. This is our commitment.