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What is your main mission in Hong Kong?

In 2007 WWF-Hong Kong launched several initiatives concerting the selection of seafood, including the publication of its first guide to sustainable seafood, aimed at raising awareness and developing the use of viable marine resources. We actively worked alongside the businesses concerned to implement responsible supply chains by providing technical advice on the selection of sustainable shellfish. For WWF the ai mis to double the quantity of sustainable seafood available in the city.

What was your reason for supporting Qwehli?

WWF invites seafood suppliers and importers to Hong Kong to join the « Ocean Friendly » programme, with the aim of increasing the quantity and variety of sustainable seafood on the market. We were delighted to see that Qwehli is making an important contribution to the provision of sustainable seafood to the food industry, particularly to western hotels and restaurants, whilst improving the sustainability of the fishery resources.