Qwehli is delighted to present its latest project, developed in collaboration with Chef Stéphane Guillas at A.O.C EAT & DRINK, Hong Kong, and WWF Hong Kong as part of their “WWF Ocean-Friendly Menu Programme”. The aim is simple: not only to raise awareness amongst chefs, but even more so amongst consumers, to make them realise the critical condition of our oceans and the importance of developing a more sustainable way to consume seafood. The number of companies, supermarkets, hotels and even fast-food restaurant chains committing themselves to improving both the sourcing and traceability of their products has considerably increased. In Hong Kong, as elsewhere, consumers are more and more in favour of this type of initiative. As a result, A.O.C. has committed to using a maximum of Qwehli products as part of this approach! A menu was created specially for the event and included a fish pictogram to make it easy to identify the seafood that was truly sustainable, as recognised by the NGO WWF!