The crew from A to Z



You are?

I have held the position of General Manager since Qwehli was created in 2010. The beginning could be summed up by two things, firstly an encounter with an entrepreneurial family and one person in particular, Azmina, a true seafood specialist with twenty years of experience. That was the real trigger for me, and had the greatest influence on my decision to join the adventure.

Then came the conviction that there is so much still to be done in the seafood sector. Behind all that is a vast amount of work, research, innovation and investment to make quality products available whilst ensuring the preservation of fishery resources.

Today, I am convinced that we face a true challenge, that of reinventing the way in which products are selected, sold and consumes.

And that is why we and Qwehli took the decision to recount these stories of terroirs, men and know-how, to you the Chefs. You who are the best possible ambassadors to work with us, the producers and distributors, to change the world of seafood.

One word to sum up Qwehli?

We are the Fishmongers of the Chefs. But, in reality, we are so much more than that. Qwehli represents a new approach to seafood through, amongst others, our innovation in terms of preservation and our direct contact with the Chefs. And tomorrow, the Qwehli way will be THE way to approach and consume sustainable seafood throughout the world, with total transparency and traceability in terms of origin of the supplies and the skills and expertise involved.

One Chef, one dish?

Difficult, I have several, I would say the patagonian toothfish miso by Chef Barbot, for its complete mastery of a product and the sole meunière by Chef Le Bec. The fact that our Qwehli sole is on the menu of one of the best restaurants in Shanghai is a major success for us and personally makes me very proud.