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Qwehli FAQ (part 2)

You speak of “new fresh” but concretely your products are frozen?

First, let’s go back to the difference between freezing and fast freezing.

Freezing is the domestic equivalent of fast freezing with slower cooling and less cooler temperatures.

Fast freezing is an industrial technique that involves cooling a product very quickly until the core temperature reaches -18 ° C. The water contained in the product turns into large ice crystals. Upon thawing, these crystals melt causing water flow and deterioration of the product structure.

At Qwehli, we offer you the “new fresh”. We have developed a homemade recipe for product preservation: the CAS Fresh®. It combines the advantages of fast frozen food without the disadvantages so that products are perfectly preserved without loss of water or changes in organoleptic qualities. Stuck in time at the right time, for fresh seafood.

You talk about seasons in your selection chart. I think there aren’t seasons anymore because of climate changes, how are you doing it?

Indeed, the seasonality of seafood is a complicated subject. Today, we are the first witnesses of these changes. There are no sardines at the time when ten years ago they were in abundance in the nets. It is beyond understanding!

That’s why we have set our own calendar with the Qwehli seasons that we daily adjust to meet our commitments.